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Oswaldo Guayasamin Oil Painting, Pinturas de Oswaldo Guayasamin Biography Life Works Oswaldo Guayasamin
[Ecuadorian Painter, 1869-1954]


Oswaldo Guayasamin (July 6, 1919 – March 10, 1999) an Ecuadorian artist famous for his expressionistic approach in his works whether it is a painting, a sculpture or a design. Guayasamin was hailed as the “Latin American Picasso”. Although may be referred to as he was greatly influenced by Picasso, Guayasamin made his own name and works with his own skills, styles and imagination.
At a young age, Guayasamin showed his great love for the arts. He even drew caricatures of his teachers and playmates. Because of his love for the arts he studied at School of fine arts in Quito, studying mainly of painting, sculpting and architecture. At the age of 23, he already had his first exhibition. The death of his best friend while he was still in college shaped his ideas and had opened his eyes to the reality of humanity and society. As a tribute to his lost friend, a painting called "Los Niños Muertos" was made.
He travelled to United States and Mexico with Jose Orozco. Together they also travelled to South Africa. His travels made him realized how the world seems to be cruel, racism and poverty per se. He took these as an inspiration and let the world see the dark side of humanity. Many are in awed for his fight towards racism and poverty. It helped shaped the equality of humanity these days.

Guayasamin won many awards for his works. His first achievement was when in 1948 he won first prize at Salón Nacional de Acuarelistas y Dibujantes. Then in 1955, he also won first prize at Third Hispano-American Biennial of Art in Barcelona. Two years after, he was recognized as the Best South American Painter. He was also a recipient of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) award, where his works towards equality of mankind was highly recognized. An award entitled as, "an entire life of work for peace".

One of his famous works is his mural called The Chapel of Man, although this master piece was not fully finished because of his unexpected death.
Guayasamin was not only an artist whom just focusses on art itself but he is one of the many who uses art to depict and imply his views and stand on politics, his translation of history and his love for humanity and environment. He made a finger print of the expressionistic style on higher and deeper level.

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